How to Find a Clean Hotel Room

wwwwwYour hotel room is your home away from home, with a few exceptions — hundreds of strangers from every corner of the world have slept there, and the hotel staff may not have the same standards of cleanliness that you do at home. It’s nice to have someone fold up your towels and make your bed while you’re out exploring the world, but in terms of sanitization, a neatly made bed does not equal a germ-free room.

Studies have shown that germs frequently lurk in places like light switches, television remotes and telephone keypads, even in hotel rooms that otherwise appear clean — disturbing evidence of what might be waiting when you wheel your suitcase into a suite.

Are you prepared for a dirty bedspread, a scummy toilet or even a bed bug infestation? It’s highly unlikely that a slightly soiled bathroom floor will put your life in danger, yet an unclean hotel room could affect your health; the most common afflictions are colds or stomach viruses. Try the following tips and sleep more soundly on your next adventure.

How Do I Make Sure My Hotel

Get in Shape While Traveling The World at These Fitness-Friendly Hotels

indexaaThese hotel and fitness brand collaborations will help you keep your beach bod long after summer ends.

Bikini season may be coming to an end, but that’s no reason to shelve your ab-aspirations until next summer.
Hotels around the world are teaming up with the hippest, hottest studios and trainers to offer group fitness classes, personal training, and locally inspired exercise activities.
If you thought you were going to relax on your next vacation, think again. Hoteliers are serving up sweet incentives (think Heartbeet juices, housemade power bars) to make sure you sweat it out.
Check out the coolest new ways to stay in shape on your next trip out of town. Best of all? Many of these programs are open to locals eager to participate, too. So grab your padded shorts and your ’80s-inspired sweatband, tighten your laces, and get ready to work.

CyC at Row NYC
This summer, the Row NYC hotel got a shiny new spinning studio, home to Cyc (pictured above): a 45-minute beat-based ride that incorporates strength training and movements inspired by volleyball and swimming. Individual rides start at $28, but you’ll want to

10 Essential Family Travel Hacks

indexzzzHaving kids definitely slowed my husband and me down. When you’ve got a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old, it’s can be hard to get to the grocery store—forget horseback riding in Patagonia or partying all night on a houseboat in Paris. Still, we’ve managed to keep traveling without resorting to, um, resorts. This year we took a road trip through the Pacific Northwest (admittedly, in a minivan) and spent nearly three weeks winging it around Europe. The key to being intrepid with small children is being willing to go with the flow—but smart travel strategies help, too. Here’s what a travel editor has learned from flying, driving, pushing, carrying and sometimes dragging her two children around the world.

Remember the essentials
We try to pack light, but when you have kids there are some things you simply do not want to be without. I start my packing list a week before we leave, because the everyday items can be the easiest to forget. I have no desire to repeat the Vancouver Car Seat Incident, which was made infinitely worse by the fact that we had run out of baby

4 Tips to Consider When Booking Vacation Packages in Chalet Hotel

With all the stress of our everyday life, it is no surprise if you want to take a vacation. Going to a new place, discovering its beauty, and learning about a new culture can mean one great relaxation. If you are planning for your trip, it is a must that you take a look at all details to guarantee complete relaxation. Try to consider your place of accommodation. Luckily, you do not have to look any further because when it comes to a good hotel, you can always count on the vacation packages in Chalet Hotel.

The first consideration to look into when looking for your next travel destination is to decide where you really like to travel. Indeed, it is a must to choose your destination wisely. Most commonly, travellers would choose famous destinations like Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Paris, and many others. It is up to you to decide where you want to go by first taking a look at the kind of relaxation you intend to have. Do you want it on a beach? Are you looking forward to hiking mountains? It’s up to you to pick the best location to soothe your itchy travelling feet.


Going to Connecticut for Christmas

About half the people at work have decided that they want to go see a show in Connecticut for the holidays. Of course it is a good trip down to the Mohegan Sun Casino. We have around forty people signed up and we are talking to several of the party bus places. I found a place called Platinum party buses that had the ability to rent us a bus on short notice. That was a little surprising since they are in the middle of their busiest time of the year I would guess. I am sure that it would have been impossible to rent a bus for New Year’s eve this late in the game. That has to be the biggest night of the year for renting limos and party buses. We actually got exactly what we needed as well. They have a lot of different size vehicles, but we did not have the wide range of choices because it was so close to Christmas. Continue reading “Going to Connecticut for Christmas”

The Regret That Promises Enjoyment

I’ve heard it said that regrets are what help us remember some of the most important memories in our life. Regrets, in essence, are what help us remember the mistakes we make so we don’t make them again. How many of us actually enjoy the things that we do because of the guilt associated with the inevitable sense of regret that we’re doing? A lot of us. This is why I started driving a Platinum Party Bus in Toronto recently. I’m fascinated with the psychological and societal impact that manifest themselves during a party. Parties are where regrets are most likely going to happen for the average individual. Continue reading “The Regret That Promises Enjoyment”

Rock out with Miley Cyrus Party Bus

You might have heard of a party bus but have you really? Oh, I know what you’re thinking; look at those nerds in their platinum-clad, bass bumping bedazzled bus of pure, righteous party fun. Yeah, we might look like a bunch of dorks up there rocking out to the latest Miley Cyrus dubstep remix but only if you’re the kind of person who is totally not into fun. Are you that person? It’s worse to be known as the person who isn’t into fun than a dork! We recently hooked up with bachelor party bus rentals to throw my brother his first and hopefully only bachelor party but let’s be real here; a bachelor party is a reason to take a party from a 9 to a 10. That’s the only difference.

Of course, to take a party up another notch is serious business. I’m not kidding. Continue reading “Rock out with Miley Cyrus Party Bus”

Top five reasons to visit Hong Kong

1. Buildings that Dance: Hong Kong buildings actually the skyscrapers which overlook lush green forests are the talk of the town. The buildings actually dance. Every day in evening at 8 PM, Hong-Kong skyscrapers actually come to life along the magical show. The light and sound plays alongwith. This looks like real-life version of Disney World’s Electric Light Parade. This is called “A Symphony of Lights” and was named the largest permanent light and sounds show by the Guinness Book of World Records. It includes 45 buildings on different sides of the harbor, which results in sparkling display the length of the waterfront every night.

2. Foodie’s Paradise: In Hong- Kong, the best chefs of the world are flocking and Hong Kong now is titled with a foodie’s paradise. You can feast on different cuisines day in and day out. The cuisines are from all across the world. This is one of the reasons amongst top five reasons to visit Hong Kong. Dim sum are easily found on almost every nook and corner in Hong Kong. This cuisine comes in many flavours both steamed and fried. It can be easily enjoyed from a food cart and even from a fine restaurant.

5 Best Capital Cities to Visit in Europe

Europe is considered as the heaven for tourists because of its pleasant climate, natural beauty, historic sights and well planned cities. Whether you are looking for a city break, a family holiday, cultural holiday or solo traveling, Europe is the first choice of the travelers. Let’s check out 5 popular and must visit cities of Europe which tourists prefers.

The European subcontinent is consisting of approx. 50 countries and numerous beautiful cities with different cultural diversity. Based on different parameters, below are the 5 most popular capital cities of Europe –

  1. Rome-the capital and the largest city of Italy famous for its influential art, food and culture. Rome is also entitled as world’s most beautiful ancient city. There are number of famous tourist attractions like The Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trevi fountain etc. makes Rome a must city to visit.
  2. Paris-the capital city of France, Paris offers a large number of tourist attractions in France. The city is famous for its historic monuments, riverscapes, museums etc. Besides from all these, Paris is also famous for its modern life style, night life and fashion. The famous Eiffel tower is the cities iconic symbol and one of the most famous tourist spot in the world.
  3. London-the

Egypt the Best Place for Tour and Tourism

Tours in Egypt are working since a long time. They have great unselfish in this ground. They always give the thought of being to keep happy their customers. They offer the traveling services at with both feet on the ground price. They never make imitation promises to their customers. If you are looking for rigid to believe traveling services, they offer the fame services to their customers. You can book your outing through the most first-rate travel agencies. Egypt tour packages always satisfy you with their vast services. Are you looking for some fun? Let us make your trip unforgettable. Most excellent travel agency provides the plenty facility during your vacation epoch.

They take proper care of the customer’s obligation during the travel era. Tours and travels services are increasing instantaneously. People love to go on a most special place. You will feel wonderful environment and enjoy your visit with fulfillment. They make your trip stupendous. They offer these services at discounted. They are always compliant to provide the most unmatched facilities to you during the entire tour.

Acquire the travelling services at low price


They offer the travelling services at low price. Are

Take Advantage Of The Holiday Rentals Albufeira Portugal

The region of Albufeira in Portugal is a prime tourist destination. The beautiful beaches offer a great way to relax and enjoy the sunshine. You can bathe in the warm sea water or have a taste of the local seafood at the restaurants on the beach. You can stroll along the streets of the old city and walk up to the old castle to explore its ruins. A reservation of the holiday rentals Albufeira Portugal is the perfect way to make your stay a comfortable and enjoyable one.

Accommodation on rental

A large number of tourists visit this ancient fishing village throughout the year. The castle was built in the eighteenth century by the Romans. Though an earthquake had destroyed a big part of the city, it was rebuilt and provides one of the best tourist spots in the world today. You can come to this lovely place and spend your holidays in great fun while staying at the holiday rentals in Albufeira Portugal. You can go on fishing trips, or buy souvenirs at the roadside shops.

Choosing the accommodation


There are various options that you exercise when booking your stay here. You can book

Giant’s Causeway Coast Photography Tour

With the help of Light & Land, you can get to experience the UK in a way which few people ever do seeing its true beauty unfold in front of you, giving you a genuine and true appreciation of just how beautiful parts of the UK are. The huge range of different locations to go and visit is something many never tap into, instead sticking to the most obvious sites.

For those who wish to see somewhere new, the Giant’s Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland may be just the place for you to check out.The stunning Giants Causeway has a truly fantastic yet subtle landscape that makes for some absolutely amazing photos. You’ll notice similarities to Devon and Cornwall in the landscape here, but with an Irish hint that makes it feel unique and fresh all over again.

However, this trip takes in more than just the Coast you will be venturing into Ireland tooas you view fantastic locations such as the Fanad Lighthouse. These local landmarks are worth photographing and with the help of expert tour guide David Clapp, you can make sure you never miss out on any angle during the tour. From the likes of Dunluce Castle to the

On Overview of The Most Famous Las Vegas Hotels

If you happen to be on the La Vegas trip, you would most probably be at a walking distance from almost anything you may wish to have in Vegas. It is difficult to decide which the most excellent hotel in Vegas is. Nonetheless, there are small things that make a huge difference when it comes to locating the most appropriate hotel for you. Here are a few of the top class hotels in Vegas. Other than the fact that these are all on the Strip, each offers something different from the others.

ARIA Las Vegas

Located very much on the Strip, within the complex of the City Center, Aria Las Vegas is just alongside the Bellagio Las Vegas and Cosmopolitan Hotel. Perhaps, it contains the most excellent assortment of restaurants that will be difficult to find in any hotel on the Strip. You’ll find it offering large modern rooms and spacious casino. You’ll also find a number of nightlife options. Many prefer this place because of plenty of space that it offers for stretching out. You may just walk around and look at the pieces of art or simply find a seat in its bar, Five

The Weak Euro Creates Attractive Priced Holidays in Obergurgl

British guests of the luxury ski chalet The Chalet at 11º East Obergurgl are set to benefit from the weaker euro this winter.

Guests of the Chalet at 11º East Obergurgl travelling from Britain are set to benefit from the weaker euro, in what appears to be the cheapest holiday season since the financial crisis.

The currency movements have created a windfall of English holiday-makers who are clever enough to take advantage of the strength of the pound. Currently, the euro is trading at 1.37 to the pound, creating massive savings by paying in advance for future travel dates. A few years ago the Euro nearly reached parity with the pound .

The Chalet at 11º East is already taking reservations for the winter season and allowing guests to lock in the live rate by making an advance payment. Not only can you book your holiday accommodations at the attractive rate, you can also pay in advance to hire a ski instructor, buy ski equipment or rentals and book flights, thus locking in this rate for almost your entire holiday. Experts are saying that there is the potential to save anywhere from 5-20% over last

Amazing Holiday Trip of Awe Inspiring Sakleshpur

When any person feel distressing and upset then first of all a thought of visiting at the alluring place comes to their mind because tourism is considered to be the best way that removes the stress and proffer the long lasting fun. But to fully utilize the trip and make the vacations remarkable, it is essential to choose the best tourist destination where the beautiful dream of visiting at the stunning and awe-inspiring place can fulfill easily. Hill stations are the ideal location where all the travelers can visit with their family, friends, life partners or beloved ones to get a hold of delighting memories with them and make the holidays special.

In India, there are many hill stations that are covered by the natural charisma and Sakleshpur is among one of them that is totally blessed by the God of beauty from each and every direction. This is the fascination city in the Hassan district of Indian state Karnataka and is located in Western Ghats on Bangalore Mangalore Highway and on the border of Malnad and Bayaluseemae in Hassan district. The scenic natural environment, lush greenery of coffee, areca, pepper and cardamom plantations, appealing weather condition,

A Business Traveler’s Guide To Luggage and Packing

You’ve got your meeting notes completely memorized, you know your company’s game plan and now there’s only one priority left to tackle: packing. While this task may seem rather trivial, what you pack or don’t pack can have quite an unexpected impact upon your business travel. The amount of luggage you bring could potentially lead to unforeseen costs at the airport gate, and forgetting a few essential items can only add to the stress of navigating an important work-related trip. Take a look at some of these luggage and packing tips to make the most of your business travel:
Never check your luggage
If you need to fly for a work-related trip, there’s rarely ever a reason that justifies checking your luggage. Odds are you don’t need to bring that much stuff with you, and checking luggage only increases your risk of running into obstacles. Besides saving you or your company money by sticking to one carry-on bag, you don’t want to have to deal with the nightmare of having an airline lose or damage your checked luggage. And once you arrive at your destination, you can simply grab your bag and be on the go.
Don’t overpack

14 Things You Might Not Think to Pack — But Should

For months I had been preparing for my eight-week trip to South America. As I bought new gear, I would toss it into my backpack without a second thought. It wasn’t until the morning of my flight that I dumped everything onto the living room floor — with less than six hours to determine what would make the final cut.
Space was at a premium because whatever I chose, I’d have to haul around on my back for two months. I’m typically a light packer, used to asking myself, “Is this necessary?” The items below answer that question with a resounding yes!
When you find yourself without electricity (Cabo Polonio, Uruguay), without street lights (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile) or simply in a situation where you want to be a considerate roommate (someone WILL be sleeping before you set out your toothbrush and pajamas), a headlamp is worth its weight in gold. Mine proved its worth by day three (of 60).
Hooded Silk Sleep Sack
My silk sleep sack, which folded up into itself and fit inside a quart-sized zip-top bag, felt luxurious … especially in hostels and budget hotels where the alternative was a sheet that was

Smart Tactics to Get More from Your Hotel Points

A while back, I wrote about becoming a member of ahotel rewards program and the revelation it was to me — and I interviewed a number of frequent flier experts who all recommended hotel programs over airline programs for most travelers. At a time when airline awards are getting more difficult to obtain, hotel programs are getting better all the time.
It turns out that actually using hotel points is also much easier and more consumer-friendly than trying to use airline points — just another reason to put your points into hotel programs. Most hotel websites simply have a checkbox allowing you to search for a reservation using points. Then when your search results come back, instead of showing you room prices, they show you how many points you need for each hotel. From there, you sign in and make a booking using your points.
Talk about simple and straightforward — many of the hotel programs really have it together on this score. But as I learned when making a recent points booking at the Ritz-Carlton on Central Park South in New York City, there are still some tricks to know and pitfalls to avoid. Here are my tips for

How to Use Your Cell Phone Efficiently While Traveling Abroad

With all the excitement of preparing for a vacation or business travel abroad, it’s easy to overlook many of the hurdles and obstacles that coming along with taking a trip to another country. While the currency exchange and mapping out the lay of the land are generally the first things that spring to mind when preparing for going abroad, international cell phone use remains a grey area for most travelers. From finding the most affordable data or Wi-Fi connection options to considering renting a global phone, here’s what you need to know when it comes to efficient cell phone use while traveling abroad:

Talk to your service provider
Depending on which company your cell phone provider is, you can either expect your phone to be completely compatible during your trip out of the country or you can count on spiked roaming fees when using your device abroad. In 2013, Consumer Reports released a comparison chart that analyzed the different international fees attributed to each of the four major cell service providers in the U.S., which are Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. The report found that each provider significantly varied with one another in relation to fees attached to roaming as

Finding Hotel Rooms: No Vacancy? No Problem

On a recent trip, I landed in the Knoxville airport to find myself surrounded by hundreds of youngsters. “Who are all these kids?” asked the person in front of me in the car rental line. The agent was all too aware: “They’re in the Destination ImagiNation Global Finals. It’s a computer contest or something, and there are about 20,000 of them.”
“Ah, that’s why it was so hard to find a hotel room,” said the customer. “In fact, it was impossible; we’re staying out of town tonight.”
Whether it’s an unexpected event in a small town, a political convention (don’t laugh, I know someone who got upset when he couldn’t book a room during the last presidential election), or a holiday like the Fourth of July or New Year’s or simply the summer high season — finding a hotel room can be challenging when there’s no room at the inn. What’s a shut-out traveler to do to get some shuteye?
Pick Up the Phone
As outlined in Choosing a Hotel, despite the Web’s instant and always-on compendium of lodging information, you might find out even more by getting a knowledgeable person on the phone. As that article notes, “Calling

What Not to Do at Your Hotel

Home is where the heart is, but your hotel is a place where you should definitely use your head — and, perhaps, a black light. The purpose of this piece is not to strike fear into the hearts of happy-go-lucky vacationers. But every hotel guest should be armed with a degree of awareness of his or her surroundings. Hotel hazards, from falling windows to sky-high hidden fees, lurk beyond the lobby. And a bit of prevention can stop something calamitous from ruining your trip. Below are five things you shouldn’t do at your hotel.
Don’t Lean on the Window
Assorted tales of unsafe hotel windows have been known to appear in the news. In June 2011, a 2-year-old girl fell two stories from a hotel window in Hinckley, Minnesota. The tot survived, but was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The same week, the W Hotel in Austin shut down for a few days after several of the hotel’s glass balcony panels dropped and shattered. Four people were injured, reported the Austin American-Statesman. More recently, an 18-year-old fell from a sixth-floor window at an Embassy Suites property in Nebraska and suffered critical injuries.
I don’t have any